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Check out our new Facebook Page… has been up and running for a year now and people are beginning to see the importance of registering their drone with us. We have launched our first Facebook page as we know that social media can be really helpful for discussion and help even further in the search of a missing drone. Like […]

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Following the post “Lords call for compulsory Drone Register – VOTE NOW” Drone Reg has received a huge amount of votes with mixed opinions on the question in hand. We have seen the rise of drones taking a hit in the media recently and the push for legislation that restricts the use of your flying […]

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After getting authorization from from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Michigan State Police represents the first law enforcement agency in the United States that can use drones in every corner of the state. Officers can now deploy surveillance drones to assist with operations at the scene of major accidents and other crimes. The State Police […]

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Lords call for compulsory Drone Register – VOTE NOW!

Given the recent headline from the BBC, Drone Registration is in the spotlight. As we are the only dedicated register for UAV users, we feel compelled to ask your opinion on the matter. Use the poll below to have your say!   Since the launch of DroneReg, the site has had mixed feedback. The positive commentators like […]

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No Fly Zones UK

We have just looked at a site for no fly zones. The information seems well informed and presented. We recommend you check it out: From the site: NoFlyDrones is a free tool to aid in understanding the airspace in which you are planning to fly your drone, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft system […]

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Falling out of the sky?

When flying your multirotor drone you can potentially get into a perilous condition when descending through propwash  in certain circumstances. This could be the cause of many drones seemingly just falling out of the sky! The dreaded Vortex Ring State or the “Downward Wobble of Death” What is it? and how to avoid it. All […]

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New BBC show!

BIG opportunity for UAV enthusiasts coming this week via DroneReg and the BBC! BBC 2 are producing a new show dedicated to UAV’s to be shown on Sundays at 8pm running for 60mins. Having been approached by the producer of the show, DroneReg has been tasked with the distribution of the initial casting call for […]

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Phantom 2 Sunset

Flyaway Stories

At DroneReg, we are committed to help drone flyers when the worst happens. A flyaway is sometimes a difficult situation to be in as it can lead to losing a valuable investment. With this in mind, we have put together a questionair for everyone who has suffered this phenomenon to identify certain variables that could […]

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Tips to avoid Phantom Flyaway Syndrome

An Aussi UAV user, HypervisionAustralia has uploaded this great explainer video that gives you tips on how to reduce the chances of a Phantom flyaway. “Graphic crash scenes of DJI Phantoms on the internet would have you believe these drones are no good, but there seems to be 2 things in common with nearly 80% of […]

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