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Phantom 2 Sunset

Flyaway Stories

At DroneReg, we are committed to help drone flyers when the worst happens. A flyaway is sometimes a difficult situation to be in as it can lead to losing a valuable investment. With this in mind, we have put together a questionair for everyone who has suffered this phenomenon to identify certain variables that could […]

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Tips to avoid Phantom Flyaway Syndrome

An Aussi UAV user, HypervisionAustralia has uploaded this great explainer video that gives you tips on how to reduce the chances of a Phantom flyaway. “Graphic crash scenes of DJI Phantoms on the internet would have you believe these drones are no good, but there seems to be 2 things in common with nearly 80% of […]

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Could this be the new Phantom XSIX from DJI???

A source has informed DRONEREG that DJI could be releasing an all new Phantom very soon. It would be a game changer for the series which has had so much success over the last 12 months. This 6 prop drone could include new tech that uses multiband connectivity which includes GPS on both machine and controller. This would make […]

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On Oct 8th, a Phantom user was flying his quad copter at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, MA when a hawk decided he wasn’t too happy with the invasion of his airspace… As far as the pilot could tell, the juvenile red-tailed hawk came out unscathed, and having defeated his prey, was happy to retreat. […]

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Register Your Drone with Drone Reg

Built specifically for Drone owners, “Drone Reg” offers an opportunity to register your details and keep an online record of your drone’s make, model and serial number, including your contact information and images to safeguard you and your machine if and when it goes astray. Once registered you will automatically be added to the public […]

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