eddiesackey DJI-PHANTOM STANDARD WM321 211-150501 CCAE15LP1350T1

Whilst scrabbling through some dense woods on the Longleat Estate with my children I spotted an unusual item. Nestled in the dry leaves of the forest floor in the distance was something strange. It’s sharp lines did not look native to the woods so I crept closer. It was some sort of battery. White and large. It said PHANTOM Intelligent Flight Battery on it. It occurred to me that it may have fallen out of a drone so we scanned the dense canopy above us and sure enough, after a minute or so, there was a drone sat in some branches. I clambered up to it and rescued it. It is missing one propellor and another is broken.
We’ve taken it home in order to protect it from the elements and find the owner.
I looked at the pictures on the memory card, as suggested by a drone owners forum, in case there was as photo with contact details on there but alas there was not. There are some lovely scenic videos which do include images of the owner and his car, including the reg, as it came in to land but I found that I couldn’t use that info to contact the owner as the DVLA won’t help me.
So here I am. I checked the register and Mr Sackey has been wise enough to register his drone. I’m going to post this and wait for him to contact me.
If you are not Mr Sackey don’t try to claim his drone because I will be asking for his car reg as proof and will see that it is him when I hand it to him.
My children are really hoping that there will be some sort of reward.

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