Lords call for compulsory Drone Register – VOTE NOW!

Given the recent headline from the BBC, Drone Registration is in the spotlight. As we are the only dedicated register for UAV users, we feel compelled to ask your opinion on the matter.

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Since the launch of DroneReg, the site has had mixed feedback. The positive commentators like the idea that if they experienced a flyaway, their machine was lost during flight, or even stolen, they can appeal to other users, as well as lay claim to found drones which may end up on ebay. We all have freely available car registration plates right? Others like the idea of building a community through a non-profit site.

The negative views seem to be mixed but we respect their opinions such as, “I don’t want my serial number online”. We considered the publication serial numbers during the consultation period and have found no negative impact other than a brief issue with the Inspire 1 (iOS software download limitations). In fact, the serial number would add a traceability factor to registrants, plus highlight batch issues with manufactures.


Phantom 2 SunsetWhat ever your opinion, the House of Lords EU Committee have called for an online register to be compulsory.

BBC NEWS: “The recommendation was made by the House of Lords EU Committee, which has been looking into what rules are needed to safeguard the use of unmanned aircraft.”

“It suggests the database would initially include businesses and other professional users, and then later expand to encompass consumers.”

As this is already available via DroneReg, it remains your choice to be part of our independent register that asks for none identifiable contact information.

If registering your details with a government body is what happens next, could this develop into Air Tax, more regulations, compulsory licence and insurance?

The UK’s current regulations are set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It prohibits unmanned aircraft from flying closer than 150m (492ft) to any congested area, or within 50m (164ft) of any vessel, vehicle or structure that is not in the control of the person in charge of the aircraft.

The CAA typically bans the use of drones weighing over 20kg (44lb), but lower than that weight they can be used if they remain in the operator’s line of sight.

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The DroneReg Team.

2 Responses to Lords call for compulsory Drone Register – VOTE NOW!

  1. A.Eastwell 5th March 2015 at 1:12 pm #

    If it means I can use my quadcopter for finacial gain without going to the caa for permission I would not mind within reason

    • Admin 5th March 2015 at 1:34 pm #

      Good point A.Estwell, but with registration would (typically) come more regulation. Flying for financial gain seems to be a current rule. Ever heard of a regulation being reversed?

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