New laws to make registration mandatory!

A DRONE registration system is to be launched under new rules to reduce misuse, the Government has announced.

The measure will help authorities trace owners when the flying gadgets are used inappropriately.

Concerns that a mid-air collision between a drone and an aircraft could occur have been fuelled by scores of near misses.

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  1. wayne 23rd July 2017 at 3:49 am #

    This idea is crazy most rc pilots are law abiding people. Like myself,I fly 250 size race quads 500 g in weight. The idiots that have been naughty have all flown the bigger heavy dji drones.And they will probably carry on,they wont register them,because they are idiots.Only people that will benefit are the dodgy fiddling government more easy money for them ,like tv licenses etc,etc .Rip off Britain the honest hard working people.

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