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User NameDrone MakeDrone ModelDrone Serial No.Identifiable Marks
chrispw77 dji mavic pro 08QDE4Q012026D none
MiciOrs DJI Spark SN0ASDE7Q0C100TF white drone, no other identifiable marks.
bernard.letellier DJI Phantom 4 07DJD8A0C10933 Small scratch on top DJI Phantom 4 WM331A 64g sd card
Freeflo Parrot Beebop 2 PS726003AH7A075531 SEM Initials Written in Blue and Black under Battery
Rakesh Dji Magic pro (EU) Fly More Combo 08QCE7J012102D R.Baden
JoeTaylor DJI Mavic Pro 08QUE4F00100AK Scuff on motor
Chloe DJI Spark 0ASDE5S1A100V3 NONE
Ramautso DJI Phantom 3 Advanced (W322B) P76DDA13B26168 None, standard model.
Belgarion_11 Parrot BEBOP DRONE 2 PS726003AH7D093315 black & white marked inside the battery compartment with 738777 in blue permanent marker.
Mo Parrot BeBop2 BEBOP DRONE 2 PS726003AH7F105911 None
philcrow DJI Mavic Pro 08QCE6G01209EK none
Jimbob202002 DJI Phantom 3 Professional P76DCI10010721 Gold stickers
Kev180 DJI Phantom 2 P33OZ PH646083080 Red stickers, DJI H3-3D gimble held & wires on with white tape. Magic Pro Combo 08QCE6801201YV Pink spot on underside
MUKESH DJI PHANTOM 07DDD7E0B11597 Scratches on landing
Ahsan Potensic F181DH-FPV X000LUHQCR Removed the propeller protectors, front right propeller needs more power to start
David Eamonson Zyma X5hw-1 X5hw Blue marked with Zyma 5HW in black writing with a red circle around it.
STROM MAVIC Dji Mavic pro 08QDE5A01203D8 Chaos skin
dave dji planton 3 pro P76DC601016705 01978447472
beacherqin DJI-MM1A Spark-GL100A 0ASDE741B1009R 190021295346
joshburrows112 DJI Phantom 3 Standard P5AUDH140100S1 Red Stripes
Danny Yuneec Breeze 4k YU16370019B09A01 Breeze 4k
Shamie DJI Mavic Pro SN:08QUE4B0010C56 None
SDRLONDON Dji Inspire W04D370331 Winter. Attack. Camo decal.
TOMASZ dji MAVIC PRO M1P 08QCE6901200V7 Small scratch on left folding back arm :)
DJ1 Yuneec Q500 TYPHOON 4K YU15261789B04B01 None
Chris DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE5A0120485 None
Norman Mavic Mavic Pro SN:08QUE5K00101GX The number 7 written on battery compartment
dgrimwood10838 DJI Phantom 4 p42564355185d None
Dodangoda Parrot AR Drone 2.0 2012DJ21119 Gray and Black stripes. My Name and Phone Number. Email Address.
Jonny5 Dji Phantom 4 pro plus OAXDE1JOA31826 Permanent marker job inside the battery housing
Connor Dji Phantom 3 standard P5aued120101eq None
H.Khadra 3DR Solo S111A5004208 Black Quadcopter
Miklos DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE5A012021B None yet, brand new model
Mark dji Phantom Phantom 3 standard psaued120101xe red stripes on front,,green stripes on rear
Thomas DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE4K01200LH No marks
DTS.Motorsport DJI Phantom 4 07DDD7EOB11178 small scratch on bottom of leg
Mad Jock DJI Phantom 3 Standard SS-WM3211503 front red props and decals. Telephone number on underside.
puncio DJI Phantom 3 Advanced 03Z0742909 2 silver strips on 2 arms, scratch on front arms, gimbal with loose SD card slot (repair with small metal clip)
puncio DJI Phantom Pro Plus 07JDE1A00101L3 No marks at this moment. Brand new.
Horainep Parrot Bebop 2 PS726003AH7A073914 Engraved initials on the underbody of device
Forneus87 DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE1B01201JH With the drones front sensors facing you on the right and left arm are to gold bands one thin and one thick, the right arm has "Mavic Pro" written on it in the colours White and gold, where the propellers are they sit on top of an aluminium silver cylinder.
Alexandre DJI INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD W321 P5AUED1701029F There is an adhesive with the serial number P5AUED1701029F.
Finn Dji Dji Mavic Pro 08QDE5B01200L2 N/A
DronePro14 Parrot Bebop 1 PS722000AG5K172756 Red and black
Bailey061089 DJI Phantom 3 P5AUEE160101VZ Propeller colour indicators left on.
Gediminas DJI spark 0ASDE6E1B10066 Has my phone number written under the battery
paul dji mavic pro SN:08QUE3G00106QU none
Jimmy121 DJI Mavic pro 08QCE5P0120268 Battery sticker is still on at the off and on switch and from august the first the drone will have a face (sticker)
Reelvideoman Parrot Bebop2 PF726203AC7C082642 None
woody yneek q500 typhoon 2k yu15020702b01102 none
JoshuaDiggens DJI Phantom 3 Advanced P79DDB17040950 Silver stripes
Robert688 dji spark 0ASDE6D0B100GY n/a
rossi1 dji mavic pro 08QDE3MO1203LU NONE
GTFarming DJI Phantom 3 Advanced W322A none
tobiasbutler DJI MAVIC 08QUE3Q00100JC Gold stripe down the middle, carbon fibre protective wrap
Sye DJI Phantom 3 Pro P76DDC10B26721 purple DJI sticker on base of gimbal and gold DJI sticker on back on camera
pyisoe dji dji spark 0ASDE6F1A100FE white
hallamnet QAV 210 homebuilt HALLAMNET Sticker on Battery
LEE DJI Phantom 4 07DDD4R0A10931 Silver DJI sticker on top of machine
Bassam dji mavic pro mavic-3a7c90 grey metal matt colour.
White Eagle DJI PHANTOM 4 07DDD390B10057 None
Tom Cahill Trojan Extreme 401188.000.000 (77-33) Blue Front Blades
Glasgow Mark Shockwave SM 1703 GB/T 26701-2011 18675451330 Gold colour camera attached
Willson7 Thug V5 Not found Kiss fc kiss 24 amp eat e max motors matrix pub tbs antenna 're swift cam x4r
Wallace27 DJI Phantom Standard W321 2015DP3680 Standard post code on unit
Yeling DJI M1P 08QDE280120A8E DJI Mavic Pro drone, 4 foldable legs, email address ( marked on the top. My surname and 3 stars marked inside, which can be seen after the battery is took away.
Bumpkin's Drones DJI Phantom 4 070DD4C0B117G4 none
Mark Dji Phantom 4 O7ddd610b11730 Dji logo
David Aron Tinker Shuriken Shuriken 250 HMG230003 Black and Red fpv drone
FullSlidePhotography DJI Spark 0ASDE6D1A100FQ White version
StevenGourlay DJI Inspire 2 095XDCC002007K None
Stuartmoody Parrot Bebop 2 Ps726003ag61046939a Scratch on legs
Jetinator Dji Dji Phantom 3 4k P7ADDA13W100W5 None
Hughesy3103 Dji phantom 3 W231 P5aued1 Red tape
DTDRONERUK Parrot Bebop PS722000AG5K186371 Heat and wear marks around upper fuselage near wording "caution hot" on both sides. Front red rotors marked with FR and FL for front right and front left. Mobile phone number written on frame. Velcro stuck to sides and underside rear for navigation lights. Oversize pads for landing.
Eagle Eye One DJI INSPIRE 2 095XDAX002020S NONE
PaulP DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE4J01200U8 Carbon Fiber Drone Protective Waterproof PVC Stickers Skin Cover Wrap
puncio DJI Phanttom 2 PH646076434 v2.0 fpv transmiter, gimbal + VEHO Muvi K2PRO 4K Ultra HD Camera
Jaws DJI Phantom 4 PRO 0AXCE5G0A30260 See motor BLUE
Jaws DJI Phantom 4 07DDD3E0B10038 see motor RED
johnprosser DJI Phantom 4 07DDD2S0A10471 Purchase dates written on batteries.
tomcat DJI Phantom P3A P77DDCO7B27243 Front half day glow orange
SMEE S550 Hexdopter s550b40928 cx20 blades and reciever
110yd5286 DGI Phantom 4 07DDD2R0A11273 No marks. Brand new
Robert DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard P5AUDL130101CG 8 red stickers
Hickybabe Dji Phantom 3 4k P7adcl24w100ec Phone number underneath
Brian Dji phantom3 P5AUEB1 Name and mobile number on drone
John Army DJI Mavic Pro SS3-M1P1607 None
Garry Chapman Dji Mavik pro 08QDE4K01203BH Eye stickers on the front
Michael cook Dji Mavic Pro 08QCE5A0120115 None
Gareth Trojan Extreme 2.4GHz Black and blue rota blades
Firecracker DJI Mavic Pro M1P 08QCE5S012015Q Name (P Morris) marked in forward end of battery compartment
RED BOX MEDIA DJI Phantom 4 07DDD5W0B11564 User name and phone number