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User NameDrone MakeDrone ModelDrone Serial No.Identifiable Marks
Tom Blackett DJI DJI Mavic Pro 08que3h00105n1 number 8 faintly marked on inside of battery slot
Bubbles69 Hubsan H502S X4 DESIRE 2AEXY502SRX FN2187 Written in black permanent marker on both sides of drone
Hickk09 Holy Stone HS200 HS200-RD-EU-170301 No
Fisher DJI Phantom Standard P5BDDL14040180 Pink Sticker.
Harry DJI Phantom 4 07DDD3U0B10305 None
Boogle DJI M1P 08QDE4T01204RG As supplied by Manufacture (gold stripes)
Ethereal DJI Phantom 4 Pro 0AXDE1J0A31475 It still has the original safety stickers.
knightsy16 Gopro Karma 2.0 E5112324570034 no marks
Bluesveven1 DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE2601200R2 none
Legan123 Dji mavic pro M1P 08qde5901202zp Gold stripes
wiesner8 DJI Phantom Phantom 4 07DDD5S0B11068 black ink on landing gear
karlitodelacasa Dji Mavic Pro 08QDE3Q01201TX No
keefyboyuk DJI M1P 08QDE4Q01202Y8 Name and number across back legs
BrodieT16 DJI Phantom 3 Standard CCAE15LP135OT1 2 extra green stripes on the back.
Russ DJI Phantom 3 Advanced P76DDCO5B26462 None
Tasawar DJI M1P 08QUE3H00100L6 tattoos T On Right Arm
Amir93 DJI Mavic Pro M1P 08QU24B0010HJ2 Standard from manufacturer.
PEGASUS DJI Mavic Pro O8QUE4800103R5 Dot matrix print of Name Pegasus on the side Greek flag on the nose
nazerali Dji Mavic pro 08qde3w01203n1 None
mcivera Dgi Phantom 4 07ddd610b12677 None
Oliver Dji Phanrom 3 Standard P5AUDJ120100BP Few scratches on camrea
michael_mcphail DJI Mavic Pro 08QUE5K001064K None
Chrissy L DJI PHANTOM W321 MSIP-CRM-dji-WM321 None
Josh Parrot Bebop PS722002AB5C022703 Yellow and black, front proppelors yellow back proppelors black.
data1 DJI GL200A 08QDD9MA1200LX None
Satan on sky Dji Mavic pro 08QDE4D01203CN None
Les DJI Mavic Pro 08QUE3P001043H WIFI SSID 37be09
pdjwelford DJI Mavic Q8QUE3Q00100CC NONE
Ross DJI Mavic Pro 08QUE3H0010253 None
TomaszKa DJI Mavic Pro 1 Sticker with phone number inside battery compartment and on rear propeller arms. REWARD if fount!
Overview DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE3R01200U7 none
FsxHippoSim DJI Phantom 3 standard P3s0622411112212 Serial number on bottom next to qr code
brian Syma X8hg BW08101963 Name and tel etched under body
ruben dji mavic pro 08QDE3E01200ZZ NONE
Aidy DJI Phantom 3 P5AUDK240101ZH N/A
Rodry GoPro Karma E5112324545606 GoPro HERO5 + Karma Stabilizer
Droneman DJI Phantom 3 Advanced P76DCJ18A20394 My email QR Codes are on the underside. Fitted with Prop Guards.
LAF100 DJI Mavic Pro 08QDDACA12021J "Reward if Found" sticker - including the above mobile phone number.
gschmiddy Phantom 4 Pro WM331A 0DQADAR03102QS none
JJPS Hubsan 502s AAB010B27090054 As per new, have added a name label to the top.
Paul DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE3601204HD The small plastic cover, behind the nimbal camera has broken off.
Selwyn Kussman GoPro Karma E51123 24552119 none
jon-cdf DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE2801205VT None, as per new
Mark Dji Phantom 3 Standard W321 P5bdec15050069 Marked with contact number
Over Exposed Go Pro Karma E51123 Company Sticker
mrbill DJI Phantom 3 Pro P76DCK11A26518 None
Janos Dji Mavic pro Sn;08que3g00101m2 No marks jet
callum djiphantom djiphantom3standard p5adl270100wj callum steven 0805
MPSC DJI GL300E 0AXDE270B30591 Council Barcode 02111
Autowrecker Skyartec FreeX 008069 Painted black strike on top, 3D printed gimbal and FPV transmitter mount.
Hovershotz DJI Inspire 1 Professional W21ADA11021450 Drone safe register ID sticker
Julie Droner DJI Phantom 3 P5AUDJ0801008H Non
drbraida DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE3P012040G none other than what comes from the factory
Drone_On DJI Mavic PRO 08QDE3F012044L 3 red dots in a triangle within the battery compartment.
JamesDurose DJI Phanton 2 PH645509172 Union Jack Arm bands
chriskaraokeman DJI Phantom 4 07DDD4T0A10997 None
Squier4 DJI Phantom 3 PSAUDI29-01013 None
Mumufarm DJ Mavic Pro 08qde1501202me Standard marks
Dean1c DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE1C0120477 Contact number underneath battery
UAVpix DJI Inspire 1 W13DCG08040032 Night Strobe on Tail
forid DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE2Q01202W9 None yet
Karmjit DJI Phantom 4 07DDD5U0B11433 None
Speedy Wilson DJI Phantom 4 Pro 0AXDE170A30511 Phone number inside the battery bay & on the battery. Blue rubber dust protector on top of the drone.
CJS2012 DJI Mavic PRO 08QDD8F01204QD NONE
emkorec DJI Mavic Pro 08QDDCKDJ20075 Serial no. Sunflare hood with rubber cap instead of transparent plastic gimbal cover. Little wear mark on right-back leg, looks like the prop scratched the edge of the leg.
maxwell92 dji mavic pro 08qde1m01202aq see picture
ratboy774 dji mavic 08QDE2401203BK none
Ulster Wolf DJI Phantom 3 Standard P5AUDJ110100HE Purple stripes
Monika Phantom 3 Standard P5AUDL7010218 Dji
daveyonthemove DJI Mavic Pro 08qde1c01202k9 UV markings
ScottyB DJI Mavic Pro 08QDDCK0120164 Phone number in battery bay
hleavey DJI Phantom 3 Advanced P76DDB1 7B26896 'If Found Scan Me' QR Code and 'Call 07XXXXXX472' on left hand side
Ryandyson98 DJI Phantom 3 Standard CCAE15LP135OTI No identifiable marks
ezgisidarmert Parrot Bebop PS726003AB5L031713 No
Dobo57 DJI Phantom 4 07DDD8D0B10781 D-pix stickers
Avenging Dji Phantom 4 07djd6g0c10143 None
Bucknall Warrior DJI Mavic pro 08QDDCW01200G9 INITIALS
Speedbird DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE1D012032W Strobe - Third Party
andydmavic DJI Mavic Pro 08QDE1601203N7 A couple of tiny white scrapes on left side near battery edge and pro arm.
Fred DJI Phantom 4 07DDD5X 0B12208 Reward file folder on removable SD card in drone with full contact details
Luckyluke Dji Phantom 3 standard 912029 2 red stripes, 2 blue stripes
sootysutton parrot bebop 2 PS722000AG5I125749 PHONE NUMBER ADDRESS ON BATTERY AND AIRFRAME
Davie Langham DJI Mavic Pro 08QDDCW012042D NA
peeliemonsta DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 W13DDC10061134 None
Daniel Dji Phantom 3 4k P7adda11w100fj None
Daniel Propel Spider xl PL-1421 Silver
Spiker824 DJI phantom 3 standard P5AUDK1801017W Black mark where battery goes and red and blue stickers
Farouks2003 Yuneec Typhoon H Pro CA011641023101 None
Christopher Parrot Bebop PS722000AG5K172793 Unmarked
BelleHutt Phantom 3 Professional W323B P76UDE25B200VB Pink strip on one propellant
Glynne71 Parrot bebop2 ps726003ag6h012543 Contact details written in blue marker pen on the battery.
Speedy Wilson Phantom Phantom 4 (UK) 07DDD5X0B12640 Phone number is on all batteries.
piethegreat DJI 450 NAZA No number Black 1140 props. Sunny sky motors. NAZA and 3rd party GPS. White standard XK450 frame.
Chrisliles Parrot Bebop 2 FPV PS726003AG1050259 Ve3.9.0 Totally standard white and black, name and phone number stickers on battery and drone body.
Boomer Dji Phatom 3 standard Dji311308435079 Green stickers