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User NameDrone MakeDrone ModelDrone Serial No.Identifiable Marks
TheHighlander YIZHAN TARANTULA X6 *4543335AKDR*3
Aircam DJI S900 & Z15-GH4 00U0429464
Aircam DJI Phantom 3 Professional PT6DCF19016904
Oakmeadows DJI Phantom 3 Pro P77DCG30011129
chris dji phantom 3 advanced MSIP-CRM-dji-WM322
tmccarthy 3dr solo s112a5705192
tmccarthy 3DR Solo S112A5705188
Remzak Homemade Scratchbuilt Scratchbuilt
oliokia HUBSAN 501S unknown should look newish...
Steve Dji Phantom advanced P76DCG02014125
Polomad phantom vision plus vision plus PH645316753
RichardL xaircraft Xaircraft hex not known
Time Flize DJI Phantom Vision 2 + PH645178612
DomB Emax Nighthawk 250 pro Na The drone had speaker cable, transparent insulation to thick multithreaded copper, to connect to the battery
barry DJI Inspire1 W13DC****0164
Arrow1969 DJI S900 123
almarsden Team BlackSheep Discovery 00000001
modjo30 DJI Phantom 2 Unavailable
Buttc dji Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 PH645445233
gazzer16 dji Phantom 2 Vision PH636131047 V1.4
Brian DJI PV331 PH645279660 V2.0.CE
chrisliles DJI Phantom 2 Vision + V2 PH645246043
Garye301261 DJI Phantom 2 2.4G V2.0 PH646026083
BON55 Phantom Vision Plus PV331 PH645279660 V2 0 CE
StuS Phantom FC40 PH635923004
ZUDFLY DJI Phantom 2 AK045894571248
Marty2810 Dji phantom PV331 v3 Vision + PH646023450
HenzPowell DJI Phantom 2 PH645256369
spingledoink DJI Phantom Vision 2 PH36044781
tony DJI Phanton Vision 2 Plus PH645443546 V3.0 CE
Crewie DJI FC40 P330D PH645377931 V2.0.0
ANT.Huxley DJI Phantom 1 AK074282586937
KCWigan DJI Phantom 2 AK081147253941