Following the post “Lords call for compulsory Drone Register – VOTE NOW” Drone Reg has received a huge amount of votes with mixed opinions on the question in hand.

We have seen the rise of drones taking a hit in the media recently and the push for legislation that restricts the use of your flying machines is high on the agenda.

It seems that users have various opinions on the matter and we are here to help you have your say. After the vote count, the clear winner with a vast majority (68%) indicates that most users are in favour of having the right to choose to be on a government register for the ownership and personal of their ‘drones’.


It was interesting to see the level of concern through the other results with 21% voting for a compulsory register and 11% suggesting that you should register your UAV if it is above a certain weight.

Although the majority are against it, some users have stated, “If it means I can use my quadcopter for financial gain without going to the CAA for permission I would not mind within reason”. It is unclear if this would be the case but this could have a huge impact on the community allowing for competitive markets to open for all flyers.

We can’t thank you enough for taking part in this poll and wish you happy and safe flying!

One Response to YOUR VOTES ARE IN!

  1. Art White 1st October 2015 at 7:13 am #

    There are so many arguments for and against compulsory registration/licensing which – as usual only hits those who were acting responsibly before. The idiots and rogue flyers – will always skirt around legislation.
    IMO such measures can only be operated IF those who make or sell quads – build in a kill switch that only open the quad for use when a code is inserted. The code coming from a government issued license. Even so there are those who can “hack” such measures and unlock the quads for the unlicensed to use.

    I cannot see it working and I think instead there will be a new rank of fines collectible by the local authorities and their rangers /wardens or whatever none police patrols are called – when they catch offenders in parks or where ever they should not fly.
    And then.. just like the CB and Amateur Radio bubble in the 1980s… quad flying will drift out of its boom years and become like the Model aircraft clubs… with a few kids and diehards building replica war birds.

    The other thing to take into consideration is this… just now China is spewing out a lot of poorly made fun quads – their prices are getting higher. Racing quads are gaining more followers and the Phantom types of Arial photographers are happy to swan around making movies and bothering nobody. The cost of good quads is going to get higher and higher and it brings theft! But it also cuts down the number of newcomers. In 1980 you could only buy illegal CBs under the counter… then came a license system and regulation – and CB dies away… now its on sale in the shops and very few are in operation. Quad flying will follow the same path.

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